Here are some of the most frequently asked questions.


  1. How long does the shipping take?

    Shipping time Corsets
    We produce every single corset by hand and due to a sustainable method of work and a high demand, the Shipment processing time for handmade Corsets are usually 6-8 weeks. We do our best to finish all pieces as fast but good as possible. You'll receive an update via mail if your order is finished and on his way to you.

    Shipping time Accessoires & Prints
    Shipment time Germany: 2-6 working days
    Shipment time EU: 4-8 working days
    Shipment time international (USA): 3-6 weeks*

    *Due to the current corona situation, shipping internationally takes more time

  2. How much does the shipping cost?

    Shipping costs Germany (standard/tracked): 3,79€/4,99€
    Shipping costs EU (standard/tracked): 5,00€/6,05€
    Shipping costs Intern.+Non-EU (incl. USA, Canada): 7,35€ (always with tracking)

    From a minimum order value of 50€ the shipping is free worldwide!

Corsets & Measurement

  1. How do I know how to measure?

    To know how to measure yourself, just check out our Measurement-Site:

  2. Do you work size inclusive?


  3. How adjustable are the corsets to fluctuating weight?

    We want to make sure that your corset will give you a lifetime of pleasure and fit you perfectly at all stages of your life. That's why we always work in a buffer when lacing. Just send us your current measurements and we'll take care of the rest. In case of foreseeable, strong fluctuations (e.g. pregnancy) you are welcome to inform us and we will take this into account during production.


Fabrics & Production

  1.  Which fabrics do you use?
    For nearly all our products, we use high quality linen fabric. For the inner part of our corsets we use original coutil fabric made out of cotton. According to our researches, those two fabrics are most historically accurate when it comes to corsets and garments in general, that are inspired by 18th & 19th Centuries.

  2. Is every item handmade?

    Yes! Every item that we sell in our store at the moment is handtailored by Nadine (Nadiiife) herself!

  3. How sustainable do you work?

    We give our best to work as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible! Regarding the fabrics, we try to produce as less waste as possible. That's why we even tailor little unique accessoires out of our deathstock fabrics or left overs. 
    The packaging we use contains little to no platics. A Few Decades Away defines herself as a brand which is born out of a cottagecore and slow-fashion driven community. We try to be a positive role model in environmental protection and sustainability.