A Few Decades Away is a sustainable slow-fashion brand, founded by artist, musician and influencer Nadine "Nadiiife" Feller in 2020.

The Story

During the global COVID-19 Pandamic, Nadine started sewing to discover a great way to express her creative spirit. After some time, she started selling her first handmade items like scrunchies and little bags on "etsy". After some time, she developed her skills and created her own corsets, made out of high quality linen.

Since than, A Few Decades Away became more and more popular throughout the so called cottagecore community. In Summer 2021, Nadine and her husband decided to take a step further and launched their first official online shop.


Fabrics and Identity

Every garment from A Few Decades Away is handtailored in Germany by Nadine herself, with high quality, sustainable linen fabrics as well as residues of old fabrics. Therefore, a lot of the romantic pieces are limited and some are even one of a kind.

The goal of every item is to give you a glimpse of a fairytale feel is supposed to bring you into another world, where you are your own main character. The clothing are inspired by older times.